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Become Part of the Bigger Picture

Add Your Favorite Saddlebred Scene to Our Mosaic To Support Youth Activities


Fundraising to Support ASHA Youth Activities

Become Part of the Bigger Picture by Supporting ASHA Youth Activities

The ASHA is launching our latest fundraiser and all that is missing is a picture of you and your horse! ASHA members are invited to donate and send in their favorite saddlebred scene to support ASHA youth activities. Your contribution will help the ASHA provide educational seminars, Junior Junction Youth Newsletter, youth scholarships, lesson program engagement activities, membership & achievement awards as well as many of our other youth programs.

The mosaic will feature 2018 Reserve World’s Champion G.I. Joe photographed Sarah Bennett, an excellent visualization of “The Horse America Made” with a regal American Saddlebred stallion featured alongside the red, white, and blue. Sarah Bennett of Sarah Bennett Photography generously provided this photo to support this effort to raise funds and help assure there are #asbdreams for generations to come!

As members donate & send in their favorite saddlebred scenes, they will become a part of the picture! After we reach our goal, members will be able to view the mosaic online, search for other’s photos, and share with family and friends!

How does it work? Well it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Mosaic tiles will be available for purchase for $40 apiece or buy 3 or more to make a bigger impact and receive special pricing. If a member donates 5 or more tiles, they will receive a complementary poster print of the mosaic, mailed out in early 2021.

Youth Clubs and Charter Clubs who have the most pieces donated will a free virtual educational clinic for their members! Youth and Charter Clubs will be prompted to enter their club name at checkout!

The final product will be a beautiful digital mosaic that will be used for future artwork, promotional use, and sold as a poster in early 2021.

*ASHA is a 501 c 3. All donations are tax deductible.*

Please watch the video below for more information.

Photo mosaic by: samgeller @ Mosaically